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It sure seems like a baby’s love affair with their reflection starts right away, doesn’t it? From early in the first year, most babies smile, babble, and laugh at their chubby little faces reflected back at them. In fact, it’s one of their favorite activities – so much so that the car seat mirror has become a must-have. Continue reading “At what age do babies recognize themselves in the mirror?” »

Scandinavian or Nordic decor is full of natural light, love to nature, everything simple and very lagom, which means having enough of everything. Enough means you won’t see any excessive colors, textures and crazy touches here – only what’s relevant. How to design such a kids’ room to make it cozy and welcoming and not too boring? Continue reading “Dreamy And Soft Scandinavian Kids Rooms Décor Ideas” »

Children have such an adventurous spirit! They want to explore the world during the day and have sleepovers during the night! But even the most avid adventurers get tired at some point and need at least a nap! Here is a diverse roundup of DIY sleeping bags that will make nap time and sleepovers a fun and comfortable experience for your little, energetic toddlers! Continue reading “DIY Sleeping Bags You Can Make For Your Kids” »

Here are some great ideas for fun and easy Valentine crafts for kids. Grade-schoolers love making and sharing Valentine’s creations with friends and family. And what better way for kids to say “I love you” than with Valentine crafts that they lovingly created with their own hands? Try any of these fun Valentine crafts with your child; you’ll find yourself having fun making and sharing them too! Continue reading “Fun and Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids” »

Want to encourage the kids to develop a love of reading? Surround them with books. Lot’s of books. Yeah, that’s a great idea if you have the space for a bookshelf. But how do you keep that stash of books in a neat, orderly, and tidy fashion, if all you have to work with is a single shelf or two? The answer is simple. A pair of bookends. Continue reading “Adorable Bookends for Kids to Keep Books Neat and Tidy” »

If you have a baby then you know, how careful you need to be when it comes to your baby. You need to ensure the utmost safety and comfort for your little bundle of joy. However, the railings on the crib can hurt babies sometimes if they entangle themselves. So, you have to be very careful to avoid such mishaps. Continue reading “Best Baby Crib Bumpers To Improve Your Baby’s Sleep” »

Most of us likely want to repress the memories of sleepless nights, puffy eyes and general zombie-like monotonous rhythm of feed, burp, sleep with our babies. While “sleep when your baby sleeps” is promising advice for new parents, that often means becoming nocturnal, as newborn sleep patterns are reverse cycled. Continue reading “Why do babies get their days and nights mixed up?” »