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Think of it as a magical sleep burrito for your newborn: When deployed correctly, a baby swaddle is an essential piece of baby sleep gear that makes infants feel snug and secure, and buys bleary parents minutes (and sometimes even hours) of extra sleep. The goal of the best baby swaddle blankets is to calm and soothe infants by mimicking the feeling of a mother’s womb. Continue reading “The Best Baby Swaddles So Parents Can Get Some Damn Sleep” »

Activity cubes are often a great way to keep a younger child busy and entertained. But they’re far more than a simple diversion. Activity cubes also have a variety of developmental benefits. They improve critical thinking, fine motor skills, and much more. Activity cubes are varied, so finding the right one for your child isn’t always easy. but we’re here to help. We’ve found the best activity cubes for kids. Continue reading “The Best Activity Cubes for Babies and Toddlers” »

We can all easily recognize the big skills emerging—walking, talking—but in between, there is a more nuanced progression happening in your toddler’s brain. These cognitive connections are the building blocks for the more obvious “milestones.” Stacking, nesting, and matching are three specific skills that develop as your toddler’s brain grows. Continue reading “When can babies do stacking rings?” »

If you or your partner have the habit of cooking at home and you see that your kids are trying to get involved… you should see this as a good thing and a good chance for you to help them develop their inner chef aspirations by letting them play around with toy food and play kitchen! Continue reading “What are the benefits of toy food and play kitchen for child development?” »