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Now, to complete your application to our store, we just need a few answers such as your estimated shipping costs, applied discounts to us, and your preferred payment methods. It doesn't take you more than 2 minutes.


Have a look through our FAQs below and apply to sell with us.

Not currently. However, as continues to grow we plan to expand our Partner community to include international sellers. If you would like to be notified when applications from international businesses are open, please register your interest here.

No, we don't have any joining fee to sell with us, and no charges to list products. Join our community is completely free for you. Once an item sells, there is a transaction fee on the sale price (including the shipping price you set).

No, we have a brand curator and content team that will fo this for you. We will create your storefront and upload all your products selected.

We can pay orders in different ways. Our preference is to pay via bank transfer if is possible, but we can pay also with PayPal or Credit Card. All the orders will be paid in advance.

No, we will pay for all the shipping costs. We only need to know in advance all your standard delivery costs across the European countries.

If you have or sell any kind of personalisation or customised products, we can always bring these specifications to our product pages. Our website was built on the way to add any specific field based on your website. Also, when the order is processed, we can always put you in touch with the client for further discussion.

No, you will need to provide images of the products you would like to sell, either by giving us a website address where your photographs can be found, this can be a link to an online photo sharing application such as Flickr (other applications are available).

No. Please bear in mind, however, that we find clear, well-lit photography maximises sales for our Partners. In our experience, images of products on mannequins or with black backgrounds do not work as well.

If you have new products or updated photography, please do get back in touch with us. There is no need to fill in the application form again as we will have your details on record.

There are no joining fees or any hidden fees. We charge only for what we sell for your brand. However, as we need to pay taxes in Portugal, we require a minimum 35%-40% transaction fee in each order. However, we are always available to negotiate.