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If you have a baby then you know, how careful you need to be when it comes to your baby. You need to ensure the utmost safety and comfort for your little bundle of joy. However, the railings on the crib can hurt babies sometimes if they entangle themselves. So, you have to be very careful to avoid such mishaps. Continue reading “Best Baby Crib Bumpers To Improve Your Baby’s Sleep” »

For thousands of years, moms and grandmas have intuitively known how to turn off their babies’ crying. But the existence of a calming reflex in babies was completely overlooked. The soothing sensations in the womb (and close imitations out of the womb) trigger this reflex over and over again. This reset switch is truly a baby’s (and parent’s) best friend. Continue reading “What is the calming reflex in babies?” »

You’ve picked out the perfect crib mobile and a cute night light to round out your nursery decor. Still on your design to-do list: Livening up those bare walls! You know you need nursery wall decor, but you also know that art can get expensive. We’ve come to the rescue with a roundup of design items that only look expensive. Continue reading “Inspiring Nursery Wall Decor Ideas You’ll Love” »

Whether they’re our own kids, or those of friends and family, many of us don’t pause to consider the role of play in children’s lives. We just take it for granted that they spend spare moments pushing toy trucks around or pretending to be dragons (or sometimes both) and while it’s fun (definitely for them, and sometimes for us) don’t assign it much significance beyond that. Continue reading “What is the purpose of a toy car?” »

Play is central to your child’s learning and development. When your child plays, it gives her lots of different ways and times to learn. Everyone has a unique way of learning but one thing is clear, we all learn more when what we are learning is fun, exciting, and interesting. This is why we are releasing a series of interviews with mums that take play development seriously. Today, we are interviewing Natasja Knudsen, mother of Tristan and Aurora. Continue reading “Interview with a Mum in Her Own Words: Natasja Knudsen” »