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The Home of Handmade Gifts and Personalised Gifts

Simply put, we are an online curated marketplace where you can find a beautiful selection of unique products and personalised gifts, all individually handmade by talented and innovative European makers and designers. Our handmade products range from bespoke silver jewellery to beautifully made accessories for the home; from personalised cushions to stylish cufflinks, hand-painted greeting cards to gardening gifts –we simply offer a stylish gift or treat for every occasion. And if you want to personalise your gift with a unique message for that extra special one off present, that no-one else will have thought of, then you’ve come to the right place.

How It All Began?

My name is Carlos Barge and I started my business in 2019 after returning from living in Ireland. On a winter day from 2015, looking for Christmas gifts to my family, I was visiting some gift shops in Monaghan. At Grahams of Monaghan Shop, I find myself close to the entrance, standing and looking around all corners of the shop and seeing happy families just smiling and having fun to buy unique, cosy and fancy things to their homes. And then, I realised from my previous experiences that I never found something like this in Portugal. From this moment, I was sure about what to do in my life. That’s where my journey started.

Upon arriving back to Portugal, full of inspiration, I decided to further develop my market knowledge and marketing skills and dedicated all my spare time to build the website and scoured Europe - and the wider world - for unique, exceptional products from independent craftspeople and manufacturers. And I've brought them all together on A Matter Of Style website.

Since then, Rita (my fiancé) was joined the team to discover and work closely with each brand to transform their products into a one-of-a-kind retail experience. Now, I can say that at A Matter Of Style, we're a little quirky, habitually creative and occasionally shy, invariably we exceed expectations AND we're totally addictive now you've discovered us.

Simply put, we are an online curated marketplace  where you can find a beautiful selection of unique products and personalised gifts, all individually handmade by talented and innovative European makers and designers.

A Little More About Our Mission

The aim of A Matter Of Style is to give exposure and active support to small European craft and artisan businesses,creating an exciting range of unique and attractive handmade goods, not available in high street shops.

We’re committed to working closely with all our sellers, supporting and helping them to promote their work. At the same time, we’re constantly striving to bring you, the customer, the best in new small scale, niche EU designers and makers and to update our collections on a regular basis.

We hope you will find something to get you talking about us as you look through the pages of our website and we’d love to hear what tickles your fancy or, indeed, floats your boat.

Whether you're buying for yourself or others of the 'significant' persuasion, we have quirky, stand-out quality items and gifts that you won't find anywhere else. Guaranteed to give you satisfaction with a humblebrag glow. So don't just sit there. Shop outside of the box.

What Motivates Us?

We understand that the handmade market is changing and we are very excited about the new direction for our website. We want to fully embrace the handmade lifestyle through our blog and continue to build a curated marketplace for handmade and personalised gifts at fair prices. This is not just about marketing, but also providing useful resource sand practical support to allow individual business to grow and flourish.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the many handmade products and personalised gifts as much as I’ve enjoyed choosing them. We are privileged to be able to work with and showcase the individual creative talents of European crafters. And we hope that you find a beautiful finished handmade gift that is exactly what you’re looking for.

We are very proud that all products featured on A Matter Of Style are produced, handmade and designed in Europe by talented crafts people – our partners. Every purchase made through our website goes directly to our sellers and a small percentage is used to promote our sellers to help them to pursue their creative dreams.

We love to support local creative businesses and we hope you do to…

Carlos and Rita