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When choosing the baby’s first cot, one option is to use a Moses basket for the first months of life. Thanks to its small size, it can be placed comfortably in a small room next to the parent’s bed to attend to the newborn. They usually have handles or wheels and are light enough to carry around the house. Continue reading “The Best Moses Baskets to Help your Baby Sleep Soundly” »

The Moses basket or bassinet is the first of the cots that the baby will use after birth. Its size makes it perfect for placing next to the parent’s bed so that it is easier to look after them if they wake up in the middle of the night, or if they have to breastfeed in the early hours of the morning, but up to what age is it necessary for the baby to sleep in the Moses basket or bassinet? Continue reading “How long can a baby sleep in a Moses basket?” »

The arrival of a baby is a revolution in any home. Nappies, long nights, lots of laundry, and of course, lots of new furniture, gadgets, and accessories. One of the first things a baby needs is a Moses basket or bassinet. At birth, little ones spend around eighteen hours a day sleeping, so having a comfortable place to rest and that we can move to keep an eye on the baby is almost essential. Continue reading “At what age should the baby move from Moses basket to the cot?” »

Montessori is becoming a more and more popular way of raising children. It is a style of education that focuses on the independence of the child and has proven itself with some impressive results. A form of independence can be given to a child by letting them choose their own clothes. An exciting way for the child to do this is by giving them their own wardrobe in their size! Continue reading “What is a Montessori wardrobe?” »