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Curious as it may seem, babies’ brain systems are more active than those of adults and are capable of forming millions of connections in their very first years of life. Therefore, knowing how to encourage this nervous performance of the little ones and ensure their cognitive development is a fundamental task for mommies and daddies. Continue reading “What activities can help a child’s cognitive development?” »

Our childhood memories begin in our children’s bedrooms. Why not create a sleeping-in playground that visualizes your children’s dreams and desires? Using these nursery hanging decorations, you can transform your standard white walls into a room your child will love. Get creatively decorating, with these fun kids’ home décor finds. Continue reading “Nursery Hanging Decorations To Create Your Child’s Creative Haven” »

It’s hard to beat Scandinavian design for kids’ rooms when it comes to its elegant simplicity. The Scandinavian aesthetic emphasizes both form and function in order to create kid-friendly spaces that are both beautiful and practical. Are you dreaming of a Nordic-inspired nursery or kids’ room for your little one? Here are some simple tips to help you decorate Scandinavian style. Continue reading “Nordic Nursery Decor Ideas You’ll Love” »

The nursery is a special room because, well, it’s your first room. You might not remember yours and your little one probably won’t remember theirs either, but it’s a room that’s as much for you as it is for your baby. Children’s bedrooms in general – and nurseries in particular – don’t follow the usual rules of bedroom decor. You can have a theme that takes over the room, something wildly out of place from your other decor, or lion heads mounted on the walls. Which conveniently (and, ahem, completely coincidentally), brings us to these amazing ideas. Continue reading “The Cutest Lion Nursery Decor Ideas That Will Grow Along With Your Baby” »

For some time now mint green has been high up on the trends list when it comes to interior design. The colour is light, cheerful, and above all, bright and fresh. It’s a great colour to bring into kids’ bedrooms! In addition to its attractiveness, this pastel hue is relatively easy to decorate with. A large number of colours pair exceptionally well with mint green, and it will often its place in various interior styles. Even though mint green isn’t the most challenging colour to deal with, we’ve put together a list of tips to make your journey with mint green as smooth as possible. Continue reading “Mint Green Nursery Decor Ideas with Huge Style” »

If you’re looking for something to get your kids off the computer and away from the TV and into reading more books, you should definitely join the teepee trend! The teepee is just what it sounds like – a small tent made of sticks and fabric you can decorate however you like for your kids to play (and read) in. It’s an easy DIY project that anyone can do, and your kids will probably love you for it! Here are just a few teepee design ideas to get your inspiration flowing. Continue reading “Whimsical DIY Teepee Reading Nooks for Kids” »