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Do you remember when you used to string your mom’s blankets across the chairs in the dining room and use every last clothespin in the house to secure them? Those were magical times, weren’t they? The kids may have tons of toys around the house, but a playhouse is even more fun… a smaller space inside of your home that they can call their own. Here are some great tablecloth playhouses that busy Moms and Dads can do it. Continue reading “DIY Tablecloth Playhouse for Creative Kids Play” »

Can’t play outside because of the rain? Rainy days need not be boring. Despite being forced to stay inside, the kids can do a lot. Here’s an activity they can enjoy just as much as playing outside. You can turn an extra tablecloth into a fort that your kids will surely love. With a few extra tablecloths, you can create different themes. A castle, garden shed, house, circus, store? Imagination is the only limit. Continue reading “Amazing Tablecloth Forts to Build with your Kids” »

A playhouse is a great way to add extra fantasy to your children’s childhood. Providing a safe and controlled outdoor environment will allow your little ones to express themselves by letting their imaginations and creativity run wild! Simply fill it with a multitude of toys and furniture, then let your kids run wild. The best way to make your playhouse as fun as possible is to decorate it! Continue reading “What is the purpose of a children’s playhouse?” »

Planning a baby room for your little girl or boy? It’s no secret that green has often been overlooked in favor of more popular gendered picks like pink and blue, or classic neutrals like white. The color green offers a variety of possibilities, from bright and cheerful to soothing and sweet; from bold and edgy to natural and soft. We’ve rounded up some gorgeous green nursery inspiration for your home, whether you’re going for statement pieces against a neutral background, or an all-out green scheme. Continue reading “Inspiring Green Nursery Decor for a Beautiful Room” »

Playing imaginatively during early childhood helps children to grow intellectually, improves their concentration, and strengthens their memory. A playhouse provides the children a space of their own. With playhouses, kids have a blank canvas on which to build their imaginary worlds. They can play several role-playing games, create settings like a market, a school, a hospital, or a kitchen according to their imagination. Continue reading “What makes a good children’s playhouse?” »

We sometimes have to encourage kids to put down the iPad, step away from the Xbox, or pause YouTube. However, getting them to go and stay outside can be difficult. So why not split the difference? Give them the opportunity to get fresh air and enjoy the benefits of having a playhouse overhead. Imagine it as the kid-friendly version of the tiny house craze. Continue reading “DIY Playhouse Ideas That Will Make Your Kids’ Dreams Come True” »

As the weather (finally!) gets warmer, soft pastels become more popular as a lighter, airier look for our decor. Although they are always appropriate, choosing pastel colors doesn’t always mean sticking to baby colors. Pastels done right can feel modern and sophisticated, and they can grow with your child. Continue reading “Unique Pastel Nursery Decor Ideas We’re Loving Right Now” »

Playhouses are a great source of entertainment and fun for children of all ages. No wonder every child dreams of having one in their backyard! It’s important for parents to consider certain factors before making a purchase, especially if the item will be costly. For a safe and harmless playtime, make sure that the playhouse perfectly matches the age and ability of your children. Continue reading “What age are playhouses for?” »

Almost any child psychologist will tell you that a child needs their own personal space at home, a sanctuary if you will, and a place they can call their own. When you have several children sharing bedrooms, this becomes even more important. One of the best things you can do for them, especially the younger ones, is to provide them with some sort of playhouse. Continue reading “Why are playhouses good for kids?” »