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Expecting a baby? Life’s about to get wild. When you are planning a safari nursery, step up the style a bit with these adorable safari details. It doesn’t matter if you go all-out with the safari nursery theme or just make subtle nods, such as with a giraffe-print crib sheet or elephant wall art, there are so many ways to create a beautiful safari-themed nursery for your little one. Here are a few of our favorite safari nursery ideas. Continue reading “Safari Nursery Ideas for Your Little Wild Thing” »

Create the perfect rustic mountain nursery. You can also add different animals. If you want, you can do super cute animals or a more rustic theme. These are some of the best ideas we’ve gathered for your inspiration. The collection includes wall art, blankets, and mobiles that feature mountains. Start planning your perfect mountain nursery today! Continue reading “Cute Mountain Nursery Ideas For a Baby Room” »

As your child grows, the possibilities for activities increase exponentially. Those days of shaking a rattle on a playmat are long gone. Now your toddler is painting and drawing, building block towers, molding PlayDoh, having a tea party and eating snack with a cup and plate. A toddler table and chairs, which are pretty sturdy and perfectly sized for the smaller set, provide the perfect spot for all these activities. Continue reading “Best Toddler Table and Chairs for At-Home Activities” »

The kitchen is one of the best places for toddlers to learn. Most kitchens aren’t designed with toddlers in mind-the counter is way above their heads, and dangerous items like stovetops and knives all around-but it’s the perfect setting to introduce them to science and math through measuring, pouring, and cooking. Additionally, it sets them on a path to becoming helpful and involved members of the family. Continue reading “Best Montessori Learning Towers for Independent Toddlers” »