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A balance board, also called a wobble board, is an excellent toy for your child for a number of reasons. It can serve as a great playtime accessory and even be used as a tool for exercise. But what kind of balance board is best for your child and what ages should they start using them? Don’t worry because we’ve answered those questions and more! Continue reading “What can kids do on a balance board?” »

Vestibular systems play a key role in all of this. Never heard of it? The Vestibular System relates to the inner ear, and how the body analyses balance and movement. Some kids are extremely sensitive to Vestibular input (like my son) and are fearful of certain movement. Other kids crave it and do all sorts of acrobatics to get the input they desire. Balance Boards help kids to get positive Vestibular input while feeling secure in their immediate environment. Continue reading “What are the benefits of a balance board for kids?” »

It’s a popular toy for kids (and adults) and one of the best balance boards around. Simple, sleek, and aesthetically pleasing, this eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing product encourages active and imaginative play, while also offering infinite possibilities. Children will enjoy playing with this popular toy for years to come, whether it’s a gift for a birthday or a Christmas. Continue reading “Best Wooden Balance Boards For Active Toddlers & Kids” »

Teach your children to do laundry early, and they will have a life skill they can use for the rest of their lives. But they don’t need to lug heavy laundry basket back and forth from their room to the laundry room. Not when they have a laundry basket for kids. They are attractive and childlike in design, but are extremely durable to handle your child dragging them around the house. We have a wide range of options for you to choose from. Continue reading “Unique Kids Laundry Bags & Baskets for Messy Kids” »

Playing dolls’ houses is an activity that never goes out of fashion. In fact, at the moment it is one of the most fashionable games. It is an interesting toy for child development. It is a game that children play without anyone having to teach them what to do. They just imitate what adults do in their daily lives. Continue reading “What are the benefits of buying your child a dollhouse?” »

A wooden dolls house is the perfect way to spark your child’s imagination. Traditional dollhouses can be an amazing gift for the child in your life. Nevertheless, many of the models today can also be super modern and feature removable floors as well as balconies. But there are also the educational dollhouses that encourage STEM skills. Below are a few of our favorites to help you select the perfect house. Continue reading “Best Wooden Dolls’ Houses for Pretend Play” »

If you have a baby at home you must have noticed that right in the first months he or she starts to take everything in front of them into their mouth, including hands and feet. Welcome to the child’s oral phase, which is exactly during the first two years of life and also coincides with the birth of the first teeth. And it is exactly in this period that a simple object begins to have fundamental importance for your child’s oral health: the teething toy. Continue reading “What is the importance of the teether for the baby’s oral health?” »