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When decorating a children’s room, it is necessary to focus on safety. The safest sleeping set is a fitted sheet on a firm mattress for a crib with no other bedding, stuffed animals or decorations in the crib. With that in mind, there are many cute (and safe) crib sheets available to suit every style, budget, and preference. Whichever sheet you choose, make sure you have a few extra sheets for the inevitable sheet change in the middle of the night. Continue reading “The Best Baby Crib Sheets for Safe Sleep” »

Is your child very shy? Does he/she has little sociability and difficulty in expressing him/herself? Be aware that none of these characteristics is definitive. Fortunately, human beings have the capacity to mature emotionally, adapt and progress. However, they must have the tools to do so. When we talk about theatre at school, for example, we are talking about an activity that goes beyond acting. Continue reading “Understand the importance and role of theatre at school” »

There’s nothing sweeter than making handprint art & crafts to preserve your children’s little hands forever! Handprint crafts are a wonderful way to memorialize our kids when they are young. These crafts are a wonderful way to save memories of your little ones for when they get bigger. They make great keepsakes and grandparent gifts. Plus, these ideas will inspire you for other handprint projects you might want to try with those chubby little fingers. Continue reading “Fun Handprint Art & Crafts for Toddlers” »

Whether it’s Easter time or not, bunnies are a much-loved creature that we can celebrate all-year-round. From their fluffy tails to those adorably long ears, what’s not to love about this animal? Bunnies are also popularly represented in craft projects, so today we’ve rounded-up DIY bunny crafts ideas that rabbit lovers are going to go hopping mad for! Continue reading “Cute Bunny Crafts for Kids” »

Whether you’re upgrading your child’s bedroom or just looking to add some color to his playroom, a new pillow can do the job. There are also different types of pillows for children. For stuffed animal lovers, we recommend a pillow pet, but if you are on the road you should bring a travel neck pillow with you. Check out our list below to find the best kids pillows for your favorite little one! Continue reading “Best Kids Pillows for Your Little One” »

Bath towels may not seem like the most important item your baby should own, but having a soft, comfy towel will not only avoid your child getting the post-bath chills but can also affect their mood too. Add a fun character or animal design into the mix and it will soon become your baby’s favourite thing he or she wears. It’s astonishing how quickly these little beings can grow out of something, even a bath towel. Continue reading “Cozy Hooded Bath Towels That You’ll Love Wrapping Them Up In” »