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Play is central to your child’s learning and development. When your child plays, it gives her lots of different ways and times to learn. Everyone has a unique way of learning but one thing is clear, we all learn more when what we are learning is fun, exciting, and interesting. This is why we are releasing a series of interviews with mums that take play development seriously. Today, we are interviewing Laura Jones, a single mum of Sophia (9) and Olivia (4). Continue reading “Interview with a Mum in Her Own Words: Laura Jones” »

In the first months of pregnancy, it’s normal to feel nervous and excited. Building a baby registry is an excellent way to take a task off your to-do list and feel more productive. As you scour your favorite apps and websites for the best products, you’ll find that you need to register for popular baby essentials such as newborn clothes, bibs, and burp cloths. Continue reading “How many burp cloths do you really need?” »

Soft, sweet, and oh-so-adorable… llamas have taken the nursery design world by storm. More and more cute llama nursery decor has popped up on shelves in recent years, and whether you are putting together a nursery for a baby or girl, or you’re “team green” and creating a gender-neutral baby room, we have some of the cutest llama nursery inspiration to get you started! Continue reading “Lovable Llama Nursery Ideas” »

Flat head syndrome, also called positional plagiocephaly, develops in babies because of external pressures on the soft, malleable baby skull. It is more common now that babies sleep on their backs, as recommended by SIDS safety guidelines. While one in five children are affected by flat head syndrome, parents receive mixed messages about whether it has an impact on development, and clinicians don’t have good evidence to allay fears. Continue reading “How common is flat head syndrome?” »

Most of us keep a buy list ready and probably start buying things for our baby as the delivery date approaches. While the list includes major things like maternity and baby dresses, a crib, diapers, etc., it would not have some nondescript item such as a baby burp cloth. Burp cloths have great practical importance, and if you have missed them in your first list, do add them to your next. Continue reading “Best Baby Burp Cloths You Should Try Today” »

The best nursery items are the ones that combine function with style — take baby mobiles, for example. Sure, they serve a purpose (more on that in a bit), but they’re also just plain fun to shop for and decorate with. That’s because there are tons of modern, whimsical, and downright gorgeous options on the market. If you’re searching for a crib mobile, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading “Unique Crib Mobiles That’ll Catch Your (and Baby’s) Eye” »