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Does your baby’s head look more square than round? Are you worried about their brain development? It turns out, you probably don’t need to worry — it’s a totally normal occurrence and can easily be fixed. Parenting is scary, especially when you’re thrown into the ring for the first time. It seems like every little thing is life or death and of course, you only want what’s best for your little bundle of joy. Continue reading “Best Infant Pillows for Flat Head Syndrome” »

There are so many lists of baby essentials floating around the internet and most include at least 2-4 different baby holding devices. While these pieces of gear are convenient for parents, what is really essential for your baby’s health and development is plenty of time to move and play – not awake time sitting in a seat…or swing…or car seat carrier. Continue reading “Can I use a nursing pillow for tummy time?” »

In theory, all you need to breastfeed is, you know, a breast and a baby. But in practice, there are some extras that can make it easier and more comfortable. Some mamas swear by a particular brand of nursing pillow, while others don’t even bother with one. You may find that what works for one baby doesn’t suit another or that your needs change as your baby grows. Continue reading “Do you really need a nursing pillow?” »

Unlike what many think, pillows aren’t a necessity for newborns and infants. In fact, it is advisable that you keep your baby off pillows for the first year after birth. It’s for safety reasons. The NHS website says baby pillows may pose a risk of suffocation. Instead, the NHS recommends sheets and layers of blankets tucked in firmly below your baby’s shoulder level or a baby sleeping bag are safe for your baby to sleep in. Continue reading “Are baby pillows safe for newborns?” »