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Teething is rough on babies and parents alike. It’s hard to watch your little one cry and wince in discomfort knowing there is nothing you can do to make the process go any faster. While you can’t make their teeth magically come in, you can at least help soothe the pain as they make their way out. Every baby, and teether, is a little different, but you’re bound to find one on this list that will help your babe get through the teething process a little more comfortably. Continue reading “The Best Baby Teethers for Sore Gums” »

Your baby’s first year is a huge period of growth and change. One of the most noticeable changes from birth to the 1st birthday is their teeth! Those adorable pearly whites are actually present under the gums in utero, but they’ll need to make their way to the surface. As you can imagine, this process can cause some unpleasant symptoms for your little one. Continue reading “Do babies sleep more while teething?” »

Believe it or not, baby rattles have been around for thousands of years. That’s because, time and time again, they’ve proven effective at entertaining little ones. The captivating sounds they make, which help teach cause and effect, are far from their only draw. Rattle toys can also strengthen your child’s motor skills as they reach for, grab and shake the devices. Continue reading “Unique Baby Rattles You’ve Never Seen Before” »

One of the most important things a new mom can learn is how to swaddle a baby. You may be wondering why it’s so important to know this skill, and what happens if the baby hates to be swaddled? It’s important because there is magic in that burrito swaddle. There is something soothing and calming to babies about being wrapped tightly and securely with love. Continue reading “Do all newborns like to be swaddled?” »