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The holiday countdown is ticking away at rapid speed. This time of year can definitely get a bit overwhelming, what with holiday parties, shopping, baking, crafting, and all things festive. If you’re hosting a holiday meal and want to make your table extra-special for your guests but don’t have the time or budget to go all out on an elaborate tablescape, don’t fret. Here are simple last-minute holiday centerpiece ideas that will wow your guests. Continue reading “Simple Last-Minute Holiday Centerpiece Ideas” »

When thinking of Christmas, most people’s thoughts go straight to green and red. The classic pairing has been a Christmas staple for years without much competition. However, when you are looking for something dazzling and new, consider opting for blue Christmas decor this year. Continue reading “Blissful Blue Christmas Decor Ideas for a Whimsical Wintery Christmas” »

Not everyone takes a tree topper for Christmas tree décor but I can say that this thing can accentuate your tree and make it look really personalized. If you think that it’s too old-fashioned and not modern, we’ve prepared a pack of ideas to talk you around. A Christmas tree topper can be unique and whimsy, for example, a hat or a pack of candy canes. If you want some glam or just don’t want to puzzle over the topper, then just take a beautiful ribbon and make a cool big bow. Get more ideas below! Continue reading “Whimsy And Creative Christmas Tree Toppers” »

The best thing about wintertime? It’s Christmas party season! This also means it’s time to go through the yearly mental checklist: buying presents, trimming the tree, and making sure your home will look like a sparkling-clean winter wonderland before company arrives. A beautiful and surprisingly easy to make wreath hanging on your door? A Christmas tree that’s been trimmed and decorated? Festive garlands brightening up the mantel, staircase and walls? Check! Continue reading “Christmas Table Decorations for Your Holiday Dinner” »