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Your kiddo’s screen-time adoration isn’t exactly imagination-inspiring. While some tech-friendly activities are perfectly okay (and educational too!), toys that encourage pretend play and foster creativity are where it’s at. Open-ended toys that have almost infinite uses, STEAM selections, and anything that inspires drama, drama, and more drama can make a major difference when it comes to how your child plays. Before your little one’s eyes glaze over as they put their fave YouTube clip on repeat, check out the play-things that can break the screen cycle right now. Continue reading “Toys to Spark Your Child’s Imagination” »

Candlelight is representative of many things. Peace, serenity, relaxation and romance are just a few. We are no doubt drawn to candlelight for the same reasons that our ancestors were once drawn to fire. Candles are an easy and elegant way to access our primitive attraction to the flame. Everyone loves them; that’s why they’re the go-to housewarming gift. Continue reading “Unique Ways to Add Warmth to Your Home with Beautiful Candle Decorations” »

Putting together a stylish-yet-comfortable living room doesn’t have to be overly complicated—especially if you have a home-run centerpiece that brings the whole room together. Enter the sofa. And the best solution for the added bonus of built-in guest accommodations? The sleeper sofa. It’s the ultimate example of 2-in-1 functionality. But just because a sleeper sofa is practical doesn’t mean that it can’t also be pretty. Continue reading “Stylish Sleeper Sofas and Couches for Every Budget” »

Whether adding flair with their sleek finishes or simply just keeping your TV remotes out of the couch cushions, a round coffee table can be both a stylish and functional piece for your living room. A great addition to smaller spaces, their soft aesthetic will benefit any decor style. So, whether you’re looking for a rustic gem to showcase a few key accessories or a glamorous marble coffee table to tie your living room’s design together, our collection has you covered! Continue reading “Round Coffee Tables To Give Your Living Room A Boost Of Style” »

Whether you’re planning to serve a classic multi-tiered confection or a rustic drip cake, or have a dessert table to cover every taste (wedding pie, anyone?), you want your goodies to look as amazing as the rest of your celebration. And that’s where cake stands come in. We’ve found tiered trays and cake stands that’ll make your dessert table epic, no matter what your style. Read on for our faves. Continue reading “Cool Wedding Cake Stands You Can Buy and DIY” »

A tiki torch is traditionally a bamboo torch that originated in Tiki culture but increased in popularity and spread to other places where it is a popular party decoration and can create a tropical island aesthetic to outdoor decorations. Today a tiki torch can be made of various bottles and jars and used not only for decor but also for bug protection. Continue reading “Cool DIY Tiki Torches For Your Outdoor Spaces” »

With the onset of college, you likely ditched your tried-and-true backpack for a chic carry-all or satchel to tote your everyday essentials. But with the backpack having made a major comeback over the last couple of years, there’s no better time than now to revert back to the classic sac. The fashion-forward options are endless, so you can scoop up a style you’ll use for years to come. But the real kicker is that they boast plenty of space for your laptop, whatever the size, so you can make sore shoulders (a common problem with shoulder bags) a thing of the past. Continue reading “Stylish Backpacks That Will Actually Fit Your Laptop” »