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There’s nothing like having a place you can call your own — a pad to stretch out, relax and decorate however you please. Even kids go gaga over having their own personal space. Maybe it’s the a corner of the backyard, under the covers with an awesome book or perhaps inside their own playhouse. If it weren’t for the fact these playhouses were made for the pint-sized, you’d probably want to move in. Scroll on for some dreamy playhouses that will inspire you to create that space for the kiddos. Continue reading “Dreamy Kids’ Playhouses You’ll Wish You Grew Up With” »

There’s something really cozy about sitting in a pouf or on a floor pillow. Something about being close to the ground makes things like pouf ottomans and even some types of sofas and chairs feel comfier than anything else. We were a bit surprised to find out just how many different types of floor poufs and other cozy things there really are. There are plenty of options to choose from, whether you want the decor to look casual, modern, colorful or elegant. Continue reading “Cozy Floor Seating Options For Every Type Of Space” »

A guest book is a must for every wedding: this way you’ll get a lot of greetings and wishes that will warm up your heart not even once after the wedding. You may also ask for date ideas, recipes, first child names and many other things that your guests may offer you. As we see more and more modern and minimalist weddings, we decided to round up some ideas for those of you who are going this way. Continue reading “Modern Guest Books To Steal For Your Wedding” »

When it comes to styling jewelry, we all can be confused sometimes. Jewelry Trends in this summer just show us that nothing is acceptable except bold, flashy, and cheeky in Summer. Layered necklaces are still so popular, but also a single killer earring is one of the top trends. Of course, there are many jewelry trends are waiting for you to try them. You will really want to try these Jewelry Trend Ideas for your summer look. Continue reading “Vibrant Jewelry Ideas That Will Dress Up Your Summer Wardrobe” »

Ready for the best new trend in miniature gardens? Try a garden in a teacup! You can use your imagination and make an incredibly creative fairy teacup garden, or just add a touch of living charm to… well, to just about anywhere you can set down a teacup! It’s a great way to make some “living green” portable, charming and easy to take care of. Continue reading “DIY Teacup Gardens and Planters” »

When your friend gets married, she deserves to be showered with love – and, of course, thoughtful and meaningful gifts. Since you’re not just a regular friend, you’re a bridal-shower-level friend, these special (and personalized!) picks will show the bride-to-be just how well you know her style before the wedding. Continue reading “Bridal Shower Gift Ideas That Don’t Include Hand Towels” »

If you also, like us, need some extra motivation to hit the gym, you’re definitely not alone. While the outcome of a healthier and more toned body might be enticing enough for some, there’s really nothing like a chic workout wardrobe to inspire you to up your fitness routine. Take note from the A-listers and try these gym-friendly looks that will have you sweating in style. Continue reading “Gym Gear And Clothing Ideas For The Best Workout Ever” »