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With graduation only weeks away, you’re probably scouring the corners of Pinterest and the like for gifts that are both creative and meaningful. To take your present to the next level, try DIYing something that is way better (and more personal!) than any plain old card and cash. Besides, they deserve a graduation gift as unique and adventurous as them, right? Featuring goodies like a leather stamped keychain and a DIY no-sew tablet case, these DIY graduation gift ideas are chock-full of all things practical and stylish for whatever the “real world” throws their way. Continue reading “Thoughtful DIY Graduation Gifts to Start Making Now” »

Macrame designs are absolutely marvellous! Use it for wall decorations, baskets, garments and accessories! From wavy curtains and rustic baskets to wedding decorations and stylish pieces of jewellery, macrame designs are hot spots. Therefore, embrace the delicacy of simplicity this season. Moreover, if you plan an original wedding this summer, you will find ideas for natural decors and ceremonies by the sea. Continue reading “Outstanding Macrame Designs To Enjoy This Summer” »

Summer babies mean summer baby showers and toddler birthday parties galore. You ready? Instead of gifting the remaining $30 diaper cream and thermometer from the registry or wrapping up the same old book-and-stuffed-animal combo, why not offer something a little more personal? This list will give you some serious inspiration for gifts that both mom and baby/kiddo will love. Continue reading “Adorable Baby and Toddler Gifts for Summer” »

The idea of decorating our garden with a few gazing globes might have seemed a little kitsch. But, as with everything, old trends always have a way of coming back with a vengeance — we’re looking at you, fairy gardens! This summer, it’s all about those round shiny orbs called garden globes. From globes sporting a modern flair to shiny spheres sure to give you a color overload, the pretty garden ornaments below will definitely make your summer garden shine.
Continue reading “Garden Globes to Make Your Outdoor Space Shine” »

Baskets always bring a summer and a bit rustic feel to any space, whether they are straw, wicker, rope or any other ones. They can be used for all kinds of storage, from kids’ toys to towels in the bathroom and for covering planters and pots. Baskets can be placed here and there just for styling and bringing a summer feel to your space. Making a wicker one is pretty hard and requires some skills, while a rope basket can be easily made by any of you. If you wanna make a couple of them for your home, here are some crafts to make rope baskets. Continue reading “Bright DIY Rope Baskets For Storage” »

Just because fall clothes are hitting stores and the kids are going back to school doesn’t mean you have to bid farewell to your summer glow. After all, it’s still too hot to cover your legs and shoulders in autumn garb. But by this time of year, all of those trips to the pool and long days in the sun tend to take their toll, leaving your sun-kissed skin dry and dull. These tropical body scrubs inspired by our favorite fruits are the perfect solution to dry summer skin — and to those end-of-summer blues. Continue reading “Tropical Body Scrubs to Extend Your Summer Glow” »

Finding the right swimwear can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. You can try on suit after suit and still end up empty-handed. But if the cutest suit on the beach is what you’re after, look no further than classic styles to help you stand out. Retro and vintage-inspired bathing suits are taking over the beach, and it’s easy to see why. These flattering suits are not just comfortable — they also turn anyone into a pinup-worthy Hollywood starlet. Turn to playful prints and body-shaping designs to get you ready to hit the boardwalk, old-school style. Continue reading “Vintage-Style Swimsuits That Scream Old Hollywood Glam” »

Wind chimes are a simple way to add charm and interest to your outdoor space. If you want to add some beautiful and romantic ornaments to your patio, balcony, or garden, hand-crafted wind chimes will impress you. These whimsical and colorful decorations that are usually hung outside a house bring a lot of lively feel to your open space. The pleasing sounds they played together with the wind can also bring you a pleasant mood and make your day awesome. And the most surprising thing is that all sorts of fantastic music come from the most common domestic items. Interesting! Continue reading “Relaxing Wind Chime Ideas To Fill Your Outdoors With Beautiful Sounds” »

There’s something so fun about assembling a gift basket for the holidays. Is it just me? Am I weird? Because I am all about the basket. I love picking out gifts to include in them, artfully arranging everything just so, and wrapping them up with a pretty tag and bow. You can choose a theme you know the recipient will love—it’s the perfect way to show that you put thought and time into their gift. But maybe you need a little inspiration. That’s okay too! Continue reading “Gift Basket Ideas for Beauty and Essential Oil Lovers” »