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With graduation only weeks away, you’re probably scouring the corners of Pinterest and the like for gifts that are both creative and meaningful. To take your present to the next level, try DIYing something that is way better (and more personal!) than any plain old card and cash. Besides, they deserve a graduation gift as unique and adventurous as them, right? Featuring goodies like a leather stamped keychain and a DIY no-sew tablet case, these DIY graduation gift ideas are chock-full of all things practical and stylish for whatever the “real world” throws their way. Continue reading “Thoughtful DIY Graduation Gifts to Start Making Now” »

Summer babies mean summer baby showers and toddler birthday parties galore. You ready? Instead of gifting the remaining $30 diaper cream and thermometer from the registry or wrapping up the same old book-and-stuffed-animal combo, why not offer something a little more personal? This list will give you some serious inspiration for gifts that both mom and baby/kiddo will love. Continue reading “Adorable Baby and Toddler Gifts for Summer” »

Baskets always bring a summer and a bit rustic feel to any space, whether they are straw, wicker, rope or any other ones. They can be used for all kinds of storage, from kids’ toys to towels in the bathroom and for covering planters and pots. Baskets can be placed here and there just for styling and bringing a summer feel to your space. Making a wicker one is pretty hard and requires some skills, while a rope basket can be easily made by any of you. If you wanna make a couple of them for your home, here are some crafts to make rope baskets. Continue reading “Bright DIY Rope Baskets For Storage” »

Going to a wedding, birthday, engagement or some other summer event? Then we guess you’ve prepared a gift and wrapped it, all you need is to add a finishing touch – a cool gift topper or tag to make it more special. We’ve prepared a whole bunch of ideas for any case, all of them are inspired by summer and can be easily crafted by you anytime, without any special skills. Continue reading “DIY Summer Gift Toppers And Tags To Make” »

Summer is a host’s best friend. With the late hours of daylight and kids on summer break, it’s incredibly easy to fill up the calendar with dinner dates and game nights and pool parties. When you have so many people coming through your home, you’re going to want some serious front door decorating ideas to spruce up the look of your entryway. Continue reading “DIY Wreaths to Decorate Your Front Door This Summer” »

Baby toys, particularly educational baby toys, can cost a lot of money. Unfortunately, babies tend to grow tired of their toys or outgrow them so quickly that you may think you’ve bought them for nothing. Plus, so many manufactured toys can be harmful and contain chemicals and other materials that just aren’t safe for your little one. The solution? Homemade baby toys, of course! Continue reading “Fun And Educational Baby Toys You Can DIY In Your Spare Time” »

“Babies” and “sleep” are two words that notoriously don’t go together. But that doesn’t mean you need to lose sleep too. Where your baby sleeps is just as important as how, when, and why they get their rest. Like everything else you do as a new mother, planning is an absolute must when it comes to your kiddo’s nursery — here’s how to create a sleepy-time sanctuary. Continue reading “Unique Ways to Create a Nursery Your Baby Will Want to Sleep In” »

Lighting is always important in any space that you spend a lot of time in, but we find that most people we know forget how crucial lighting can be outside their home, as well as inside. This is especially true on these warm summer nights when you want to spend time socializing with friends on the patio or enjoying some fresh air on your balcony or by the pool! Continue reading “Homemade Sparkle: Awesome DIY Garden Light Ideas” »