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Moms do practically everything for us, from when we’re newborn babes to well into adulthood. And as much as we’d like to think the sheer enjoyment of our company is enough to repay for them for the late nights, homework help, and hours on the phone counseling us through our worst moments, we all know, deep down, mom deserves a thoughtful gift in return once in while. Continue reading “Quirky Gifts for Moms Who Love to Laugh” »

If you have kids, or grandkids or nieces and nephews, then you are going to adore this list of adorable DIY stuffed toys. You can make these so quickly and they are so much cheaper, and so much better, than any stuffed toy that you will find in a department store. These make such wonderful gifts for upcoming birthdays or for the holidays or even baby showers. Continue reading “Adorable DIY Stuffed Toys Your Kids Will Love” »

Once you’ve thrown a number of parties throughout the year, you’ll certainly find that you have to get a little more creative than the average person if you’re going to keep the decorating process and the decor itself interesting. That’s why we’ve been looking up unique ways to get crafty with balloons, rather than just blowing up regular balloons, bunching them together, and calling it a day. Of course, if we’re going to get crafty with something as bright and fun to work with as balloons! Continue reading “Funny Balloon Party Crafts to Make With Your Kids” »