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A doormat is a must for every home: it’s not just a place to wipe your feet. It should provide a functional and stylish entry into your home, a pleasant welcome to anyone who visits. Instead of throwing down a cheap rectangle that’s bound to get torn apart, think about welcome guests and banish dirt with high-quality outdoor mats. Continue reading “Stylish Welcome Doormats For Your Entry” »

Who needs traditional when you can add a pop of personality? Showing off your creative side and infusing the décor of your nuptials with customized details is an excellent way to channel any pent-up innovation that may be brewing inside you, while also providing your guests with a more intimate, loving atmosphere. Continue reading “Chic & Unique Displays for Your Escort Cards” »

Flashing a dazzling smile with pearly whites never goes out of style. That said, your cold brew obsession or love of red wine might dull your teeth. Breaking out a brightening lipstick is a quick fix and an instant way to bring out the best of your grin. Read on for lip colors that will make your teeth look whiter. Continue reading “Lipsticks That Make Your Teeth Look Whiter and Brighter” »

Industrial touches are very popular for home and event decor, they add a bit of edge to any space and look eye-catchy. If you feel like adding a trendy feel to your home, if you want to create a bold contrast with your romantic decor and bring vintage flavor, Edison bulbs are your choice. They can be used in tons of ways and can easily fit many themes and styles, from minimalist to fairy-tale. Let me share some gorgeous ideas. Continue reading “Edison Bulb Ideas For A Bit Of Edge” »

When you’re an adult, birthday parties can get pretty elaborate, but there’s something refreshing about going to a bash where the only theme is “birthday.” Throw it way back to your elementary school days with these birthday party favorites. While you won’t have your entire fifth grade class running around your parents’ house, you can still invite your best friends over to enjoy a classic b-day celebration. Continue reading “DIY Throwback Birthday Party Essentials” »

Moms do practically everything for us, from when we’re newborn babes to well into adulthood. And as much as we’d like to think the sheer enjoyment of our company is enough to repay for them for the late nights, homework help, and hours on the phone counseling us through our worst moments, we all know, deep down, mom deserves a thoughtful gift in return once in while. Continue reading “Quirky Gifts for Moms Who Love to Laugh” »

Who doesn’t love decorating their home or apartment with a beautiful candle? They add warmth and light to every space and just generally make your home feel cozier. The only problem? They don’t last forever and can be a little pricey. But the great part is you can make them yourself really easily with a few supplies and a little bit of know how. Chances are you have a lot of the things you’ll need already at home. Continue reading “Heartwarming DIY Homemade Candles That Will Make You Happy” »