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Warmer months coming our way are making us think about all of the plants we’ll be planting this spring and summer! You can get regular terra cotta pots at a very affordable price and turn the experience into a DIY project because we know you don’t want to settle for plain pots. There are plenty ways to decorate them, but today we’re focusing on DIY painted terra cotta pots. Find our selection down below! Continue reading “Planting with Style: DIY Painted Terra Cotta Pots” »

No matter how contemporary or modern the decor of your house be, placing a few wooden elements here and there always adds so much more to the overall appeal of the space with the rustic essence of those installments. Wood signs boasting some great quotes, designs or letters not only look pretty but also come with meaningfulness. Continue reading “Creative DIY Wood Signs Adding A Rustic Essence to Your Home” »

She gave you life. She bakes the best brownies. And she still does your laundry when you come home for a visit. How do you say “thank you” to the woman who is not just your mom but also your forever friend? That brunch you’re planning is a start, and quality time is another fave, but if Mother’s Day snuck up on you this year (dang it, iCal!) and getting Mom that perfect gift or thoughtful card fell through the cracks, no worries. Continue reading “Ultra-Last-Minute Cards and Gifts to Shower Mom With Love” »

When your bestie gets engaged, you pull out all the stops, including the most trendy and totally personalized engagement gift. While it’s not necessary to splurge — remember, there are many more gifts to give and plane tickets to buy — you want to make sure you find something she’ll absolutely LOVE. The gift trends below will help you find a gift that makes your girl feel special, totally prepared, and ready to kick off her new bride-to-be status. Continue reading “Engagement Gift Trends Every Bride-to-Be Wishes You Knew About” »

Would you like to try a macrame plant hanger project at home? Then you’ve come to the right place. The macrame technique comes handy for making all sorts of home décor items and accessories, from wall hangings and curtains to bracelets, belts and jackets. Furthermore, it is often the best option when it comes to plant hangers. Continue reading “Macrame Flower Pot Hangers to Embellish Any Rustic or Modern Space” »

We’re itching for the leaves to become green again and our flowers to bloom. And adding a bit more color and life to the house sounds like a good ideas too. Petals, sunshine, and a bit of natural lighting sounds like a great way to rework the home, don’t you think? And with these floral wallpapers we’ll have your inspiration for springtime decor ignited and your wheels turning for some weekend DIYs. Continue reading “Floral DIY Wallpapers To Ignite Inspiration For Springtime Decor” »