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Who doesn’t love coming home to a nice-smelling space? A good home fragrance acts like an accessory and adds character, making your space feel extra homey. However, constantly buying candles and air fresheners can start getting expensive, and lots of them are actually polluting your home with chemicals. So how do you get a great-smelling home without resorting to unnatural and toxic scents? These 19 all-natural fragrances are super simple to make, much cheaper than buying fragrances and will actually improve the air quality in your home. From candles to diffusers, the best part about making your own air fresheners is that you can control the exact scent you want. Continue reading “DIY Home Fragrance Ideas That Smell Really Amazing” »

Valentine’s Day is coming, and it’s high time to think of gifts and favors you are going to give and of course some gift wraps and tags to make the presents even more special. This roundup will tell you of some simple and cute gift wrapping ideas – there are no printables because making it with hand will make the gift more special. Continue reading “DIY Wrapping Paper And Fabric Ideas For Valentine’s Day” »

It’s time to turn those plants that you love so much into something more than just a source of green for your windowsill. It’s time to help them become eye-catching decorations and to allow them to stand out by putting them in stylish planters or on one of these exquisite plant stands that highlight and complement their silhouettes and their beauty. You don’t need an entire garden to make your house looks fresh. A single well-placed plant stand can be enough. Continue reading “Unique Plant Stands That Raise The Bar For Stylish Interior Decors” »

The coffee table is the piece of resistance in the living room. As styles comes and go, it adapts and keeps its position in the spatial configuration of the room and as time passes we have more and more models and designs to choose from. Modern coffee tables are of many different types, with various shapes and can be made of a variety of materials so let’s pick something specific to focus on: a round glass coffee table. Continue reading “Modern Coffee Tables With Round Glass Tops And Timeless Designs” »

One look at these dreamy garden lanterns and you’ll think you’re on the set of a Nicholas Sparks movie. You can boost your yard to romance novel status with just a few simple lighting additions. To help you turn your backyard space into a romantic oasis, I’ve rounded up these ways to create outdoor lighting. Continue reading “Beautiful Garden Lanterns that Will Transform Your Yard” »

The first step to getting organized for the New Year is a planner or calendar that’s too cool not to use. Whether you want to map out the entire year, take it a month or week at a time, or just need a daily reminder of the date, there are some fabulous and unique DIY planners and calendars out there. Better still, these nifty organizers double as wall and desk decor and ensure that your year gets off to a beautifully organized and creative start. Continue reading “Easy DIY Calendars And Planners Ideas Will Help You To Stay Organized” »