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Paper wedding stationery is so yesterday. As we look toward 2018, we’re predicting more unique and non-traditional wedding paper, or should we say, anything but paper. Couples are now using materials that aren’t normally associated with weddings — we’re talking acrylic, wood, lucite and even a dreamcatcher — to put a unique spin on their wedding invitations and signage. It’s one of our fave wedding trends. You’ll quickly say goodbye to traditional paper invites after getting a glimpse at these inspiring and unconventional ideas. Continue reading “Unique Wedding Stationery Ideas That Don’t Require Any Paper” »

Everyone has their own way of organizing their recipes. A recipe binder is a convenient way to sort the recipes and they’re perfect because you can easily add/remove recipes whenever you want. You can also change or move categories around too. Keep your favorite recipes safe with these adorable recipe binders. Continue reading “Organize Your Recipes with These Adorable Recipe Binders” »

Decorating your home with plants is a great idea if you want your interior to feel natural, fresh and outdoorsy. Even if you live in a super modern home, a little greenery never hurt nobody! Plants are a great way to spice up the interior, but take a step further from the regular house plants and give topiaries a try! They are stunning and sophisticated, ideal for people who prioritize neatness! Continue reading “Small and Stunning Topiaries You’ll Want In Your Home” »