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When it comes to making things for new moms and their babies, we nearly always prefer making things by hand. Sure, there are plenty of absolutely stunning things you can purchase that will be useful, thoughtful, and greatly appreciated, but there’s just something a little extra magical when you give a handmade gift. Continue reading “Simply Adorable: Super-Cute Knitted Newborn Hats” »

Everybody can be a queen or a king! Channeling your inner royalty is the best thing you can do for yourself. Who says you can’t wear a crown while you’re grabbing your morning coffee? Doing laundry? Watching Netflix? Having a party? You wear that crown like a magnificent queen-or-king that you are and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! Today we’re sharing some of our favorite Crowns with you (while wearing one as this is being written – no joke!) and we hope you’ll enjoy them! Continue reading “Lovely Crowns That Will Make You Feel Like Royalty” »

Are you waiting for the birth of your baby? Or maybe you are busy with your little one even as you finish up with the last touches to the new nursery? But, have you got a perfect and cozy baby blanket for them? Instead of shopping around endlessly, why not personalise your baby blanket that offers precisely what you are looking for! Continue reading “Endearing Fabric Baby Blankets to Wrap Your Bundle of Joy In” »