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Flower crowns will always have a special place in our hearts, but once a wedding trend has appeared pretty much everywhere, new ways to embrace the look start popping up. Enter, floral wreaths. While we obvz will never stop loving (and wearing) flower crowns, arranging flowers in unconventional shapes breathes new life into seen-before decor. Continue reading “Floral Wedding Wreaths That Are Way Prettier Than Flower Crowns” »

When your wedding day arrives, one thing’s for sure: You want your hairstyle to be truly unforgettable. Pinterest set the tone for stunning nuptials with their bridal style trends for 2018, and we took it a step further by perusing the most swoon-worthy hairstyles and wedding hair accessories out there, and picking our faves for making your wedding strands stand out. Scroll on to see which ‘do speaks to you! Continue reading “Bridal Hair Accessories for Truly Unforgettable Wedding Hair” »

Choosing wedding decor? Why not add some trendy touches to your wedding to make it awesome and edgy? As boho chic wedding style is super popular and is gaining even more popularity, among the trendiest wedding backdrops and arches you’ll see macramé ones – this is a budget-friendly and very free-spirited idea. Continue reading “The Most Trendiest Wedding Arches And Backdrops For Your Nuptials” »

Our appearance is important to us and that makes us spend a lot of time, effort and money on things meant to make us look good and different from the others. We take great care of our clothes and accessories and sometimes we even display them in ways meant to draw attention. Clothes are for us what the colorful feathers are for the bird-of-paradise and the difference that, at the end of the day, we can take them off and prepare some new ones to wear tomorrow. Continue reading “Chic and Practical Clothes Racks That Put Your Wardrobe On Display” »

Bridal showers might not have been that common decades ago, but we’re certainly happy that they’re popular now! This is for several reasons. Besides being social people who will take just about any excuse to see our friends and host a fun event, we’re also massive enthusiasts (as you may have noticed by now), so bridal showers are just one more opportunity to get creative in so many ways! They’re a chance for fun decor, beautiful gifts, and delicious recipes. Just in case you need a little bit of inspiration, here’s a list of adorable bridal shower gifts that everyone will love. Continue reading “Lovely Ideas That Make Perfect Bridal Showers Favours” »


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