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Teepees have always been a fun place to play in and a safe place to hide in – just what every kid needs! Here are some wonderful ideas for simple teepees that you can make together with your kids! But because we’re all still young at heart, and some of us didn’t have teepees growing up, we squeezed in some teepees for adults as well! Continue reading “Wonderful Children’s Teepees For You And Your Kids” »

Buying flowers for your family and friends is a great way to celebrate a special occasion, or even just to make them feel special on a normal day. Sometimes it’s just nice to have flowers around the house for yourself! However, unless you visit a boutique florist or pay additional prices, the arrangement of your flowers might not be as pretty or fancy as you had in mind. Check out these super flower arrangement inspirations that will have you reorganizing and rearranging your next bouquet for the better the second it’s in your hands! Continue reading “Beyond Spring: Flower Arrangements That Will Inspire Your Own Bouquets” »

Snail mail is not dead yet and truth be told we silently hope it stays around until the end of all days. There is something so profound about getting a beautiful envelope in a mail and a handwritten letter, rather than just a text message or an email. Bring back the good old days of letter writing and send out your personal letters in the most charming envelopes! Continue reading “Beautiful Envelopes: A Charming Way to Send Customized Snail Mail” »

You may not see a lot of St. Patrick’s Day decorations in your neighbors’ homes but it’s just such a fun holiday! It’s so easy to add a lucky banner for your home. These St. Patrick’s Day decorations are really St. Patrick’s Day printables that can be framed (or left as is) and hung on the wall, sat on the mantle, or put anywhere in your home that needs a little green.  Here’s an easy way to bring St. Patrick’s Day into your home! Continue reading “Cute St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Banners and Printables” »

How does your bedside look? Does it have a beautiful nightstand that is safely storing your night time essentials or is it completely empty, always making you wish for a functional little storage space that would fit in with your bedroom’s decor and store the few items you need as you’re wrapping up your day? We’ve put together a list of unique nightstands that are going to make your bedside functional and beautiful! Continue reading “Unique Nightstands That Give Your Bedside a Whole New Look” »

Keeping a clean and tidy home is every homeowner’s priority. Our living space is a direct reflection of our lifestyle, so we can’t let it be messy or disorganized! But cleaning the home, especially if we’re talking about a family house with kids, can be a lot of work. Eventually the cleaning supplies pile up and we see that they’re full of chemicals and warning labels! If you’ve run out of your favorite cleaning solution, don’t run to the store; try one of these standbys instead. Continue reading “Homemaker’s Must Have: Household Sprays” »

The baby shower has come and gone, and you’ve gifted your BFF with onesies galore, tear-free bath products, and enough teeny-tiny little hooded towels to last into the toddler years. Now the baby is here, and you need a gift for the new mama. Not just any gift — a holiday present. It’s time to put the new mom in the spotlight to brighten up her season. What could be better than presents that will make her life easier? Continue reading “Lovely Holiday Gifts to Pamper New Moms” »

Designing appetizer boards is equivalent to creating little works of art! They’re so much fun to pull together with your favourite cheeses, crackers, fruits, veggies, etc. Simply, these food displays are the perfect accompaniment to a football game, political debate (ha!), dinner party, casual weeknight party, or any occasion that calls for delicious food and conversation. Continue reading “Unique Wood Cheese Board To Beautifully Display Appetizers” »


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