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Choosing wedding decor? Why not add some trendy touches to your wedding to make it awesome and edgy? As boho chic wedding style is super popular and is gaining even more popularity, among the trendiest wedding backdrops and arches you’ll see macramé ones – this is a budget-friendly and very free-spirited idea. Continue reading “The Most Trendiest Wedding Arches And Backdrops For Your Nuptials” »

Our appearance is important to us and that makes us spend a lot of time, effort and money on things meant to make us look good and different from the others. We take great care of our clothes and accessories and sometimes we even display them in ways meant to draw attention. Clothes are for us what the colorful feathers are for the bird-of-paradise and the difference that, at the end of the day, we can take them off and prepare some new ones to wear tomorrow. Continue reading “Chic and Practical Clothes Racks That Put Your Wardrobe On Display” »

Curtains can be the subtle, barely noticeable element in the room, or they can be the eye-catching element that strongly defines the rest of the interior. Since you’re reading this article, we’re guessing you want your curtains to look their best! If the time has come to upgrade them into a livelier, more colorful version, here are some amazing ideas for dip dye ombre curtains! Continue reading “Colorful Dip Dye Ombre Curtains for Every Room” »

Shrinking a beautiful garden into a little box hooked to the bottom of the windows, a nice window box loaded with luscious leaves and flowers not only adds color to your home, but also make a fragrant style statement. Also, it works as a reflection of your whims and choices when it comes to brightening up the space with gorgeous plants and that’s exactly what these Window Box Ideas do! Continue reading “Gorgeous Window Box Ideas Adding Floral Magnificence To Your Home” »

Benches are peculiar furniture pieces. They don’t strike us as modern and they don’t exactly have a unique, defined function. They’re more of a multifunctional and versatile piece with a casual look which you can take advantage of in certain situations. They fit nicely in malls and other public spaces and they can be an equally good match for private homes. Continue reading “Modern Bench Designs That Impress In Unexpected Ways” »

We’ve so over snowstorms, wind chill, and sub-zero temps, and it’s definitely time to brighten up our lives with a pop of color. Looking for the perfect way to welcome spring? We’re all about the homemade garlands. Whether hung over a door, draped over a mantel, or showcased at a backyard BBQ, spring garlands need to make an appearance this season. Continue reading “Spring Garlands to Spruce Up Your Space” »

Can a bedroom go without a headboard? Sure, but there is no denying that headboards have a great impact on the interior! They give the bedroom a strong sense of elegance and order, making the bed a centerpiece of the room. There are as many headboard styles as there are homes, but we’ve picked some of our favorite colorful headboards for homeowners who swear by colors and uplifting decor! Continue reading “Unique Queen Headboards for Homeowners Who Love Colors” »

All avid wine lovers quickly realize that investing into a wine rack is a great idea! Having your bottles on display and neatly organized makes it so much easier to serve wine to your guests and properly pair it with meals. If you’re still on the lookout for the perfect wine rack, we put together a selection of the best wine racks you can choose from! Continue reading “Wine O’Clock: Ingenious and Innovative Wine Racks” »

There is always time and spice in our home for some new home decor! Even the smallest of decorations can make a significant change and if you were feeling like you need to do something about the way a certain room looks, so how about making your own decor? In this article, we are showing you some ideas on how you can use embroidery hoops as a home decor. Continue reading “Adorable Ways to Display Your Embroidery Hoop Art” »

The world of pendants is as perplexing as it is captivating with each year bringing new trends, designs and creative fixtures that outdo their predecessors. The hardest part is often choosing the right pendant lights for your home or office. Making the task difficult is undoubtedly the wide array of choices on offer. But settling on a theme, style and finish can make the shopping experience a whole lot easier. Continue reading “Ultra-Slim Modern Pendants that Usher in Minimalism” »


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