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The lighting in a room influences the whole mood which is why we have different types of fixtures and different system options to choose from based on the function of a space and the intended ambiance. Wall lamps, for example, are quite common in bedrooms where they look cozy and relaxing. They usually also have a nice warm glow around them and this is one of the reasons why they’re so great for bedrooms. Of course, not all wall lamps are suitable for this type of spaces so let’s have a look at some that are. Continue reading “Soothing Wall Lamps For Bedrooms Full Of Style” »

Wedding signage is such a great opportunity to have some fun and get creative on your big day. Not only do signs serve a concrete purpose for your guests, but they also add tons of warmth and personality to your venue for a customized touch. Whether you’re using your signage to display a cute quote about love or to direct your guests towards the ceremony space, the possibilities are truly endless. Continue reading “Amazing Signs You’ll Want At Your Wedding” »

A welcome mat is permanently placed either outside or inside your main door, and it is usually the first thing you step onto when you enter a house. There are various materials, designs as well as a piece of fabric which have been used as welcome mats, and the best among all of them are the ones which have a funny twist to it! Here are some of the best funny welcome mats and hopefully it will help you find the best one to complete your perfect home! Continue reading “The Best Funny Welcome Mats to Rock in 2019” »

Need a comment worthy statement piece to add to your living room decor? A coffee table is a perfect living room accent that can be both functional and decorative. It is convenient as a furnishing, and it can also fulfill the role of a piece of art or a sculpture. There are lots of one-of-a-kind coffee tables to choose from, Whether you are searching for uncommon coffee tables, rustic, classy, modern and even old-fashioned ones, we’ve obtained you covered. Continue reading “Unique Coffee Tables That Belong In Your Living Room” »

Shoes can get anywhere around the house if you’re not keeping them organized. And needless to say, that’s not a good decor decision at all. To avoid making decor eyesores and chaos with shoes, you have to keep them organized as much as possible. But that can be tricky if there’s a lot of them at home, owned by all family members. You can get a cabinet or another storage unit dedicated to shoes but that may not be as simple if you have limited room space. This is where clever DIY storage solutions come in. They are functional, often have multiple purposes and don’t take much space at all. You need at least one of these solutions at home and you can build it yourself.
Continue reading “Outrageously Simple DIY Shoe Racks And Organizers You’ll Want To Make Today” »

Baby mobiles are essential to a nursery. Not only do they help to keep little ones entertained, they add such charm and decoration. If you are expecting, or know someone who is, a baby mobile is something that may have crossed your mind to purchase. All of these are certain to entertain babies and they make the perfect gift for a new mother to be. Continue reading “Adorable Baby Mobiles That Add Charm To Your Nursery” »

Nightlights are small light fixtures placed in areas of the house that are always dark or that become dark at certain times, their role being to provide comfortable and subtle lighting. They’re very commonly used in children’s rooms but they can also be useful on hallways, in workspaces where they can ensure a cozy ambiance at night as well as in bedrooms or guest rooms. Continue reading “Unique Kids Nightlight Lamps That Are Out Of This World” »

Check the thermometer. The temperature is going down, down, down. That means heating bills will go up, up, up… unless you make a few changes. Turning up the thermostat isn’t the only way keep your home warm during winter. Even in a newer house, you may notice that you have cold air coming in from under your door, which can not only make it uncomfortably cool in your home, it can send your electric bill through the roof. Continue reading “Creative Draft Stoppers To Keep Your Home Warm And Toasty This Winter” »


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